LED sign crafted with the perfect balance of rugged durability, refined precision and unparalleled flexibility.

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Various types of materials can be used for this kind of signage, ranging from PVC, Crezon, acrylic and aluminum.

From the essential to the extravagant, we specialize in designing and building custom office signs and meeting room signage. Your brand and style, when integrated into your office space, are powerful tools to enhance a customer's experience with your company.

Great office signs benefit more than the customers and client's coming through your front door. A well designed workplace can improve employee productivity, happiness and job satisfaction. Signage and graphics can play a key role in an office environment that promotes productivity and employee well-being. This can encompass all kinds of signs and displays, from dimensional logos & letters to printed wall graphics, acrylic plaques or interior wayfinding signage.

How to Order Dimensional Lettering

The easiest way to get a quote on your corpoate logo interpreted into dimensional signage is with 3 simple steps.

1.) email us your logo - we prefer a high res PDF or vector .eps file.
2.) email us a quick photo of the lobby - showing the reception counter and wall where your logo will prominantly be displayed &
3.) some quick measurements. Either measure the height and width of the wall or even just measure something in your photo. If your logo will be mounted on the wall behind the receptionist and the desk is 6 feet long, that may be all the measuring you'll need to do! From there we can discuss the look & budget to get this project in the works for you. It will be fun, we promise!


PLASTIC LETTERS & LOGOS For the greatest variety choose our plastic letters

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METAL LETTERS & LOGOS Durability and Long Lasting Beauty

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