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Tri Color Electronic Display Boards

LED Signs / Tricolor


Tri Color LED signs are mostly used as a text messages center. The various color options gives the programmer more options when creating messages.

What should I know when considering an LED display? Like any technology, LED digital signage has its own special terminology, much of which is easily tossed around by manufacturers and salespeople.

LED Sign is the best advertising media on American roads.

High visibility outdoor LED display, super bright, large characters, designed specifically for exterior applications, available in single color red and multicolor LED. Graphix Signs offers a complete line of electronic signs, LED displays, electronic display boards, for indoor and outdoor applications.

Options to Fit Any Budget

Starting at just $500, Our Low Cost LEDs empower just about any business or organization to experience the powerful effects of LED advertising.

Easy to Work With

Simple to install, easy to program, fast to get results

Choose From 30, 26, 20, 15 MM

The smaller the number, the higher the resolution. Bigger pitch is better for further viewing distance, while small pitch is great for when customers get up close and personal with your sales message.

Choose Single Tri or Full Color

Monochrome is great, tricolor is fantastic, and full color is...well, mind-blowing. See for yourself and choose from a variety of options to perfectly fit the needs of your business.

Remote Programming

With a 200-foot range remote control, crafting the perfect message couldn't be easier. Make corrections and alterations on the fly from across the street, in your car, or relaxing at your desk.

Quick Installation

Flexible mounting system lets you display your message wherever it's most effective—hanging in your window, mounted on a wall, or even put it outside.

Built to Last

Our Low Cost LEDs are built with the future in mind, and that means using only the toughest, highest-quality parts we could find that make it perfect for indoor or outdoor uses.

Signs Pasadena TX
Mean Well Power Supply
Signs Pasadena TX
Samsung CPU
Signs Pasadena TX
Aluminum Back Cover
Signs Pasadena TX
Extended Receiving Sensor
Signs Pasadena TX
Silicon Coating
Signs Pasadena TX
Light Weight Everything


Advanced Features

Energy Efficient

Our LED Signs consume 20% less energy than the average LED signs.

Aluminum Cabinet

Built with light weight aluminum cabinets that dissipate heat and resist corrosion more effectively than iron cabinets.

LED Module

Top quality LEDs to maintain maximum brightness, vivid colors, and long lasting stability.

Solid State Control SystemHigh performance embedded

Linux controller for stability and reliable performance.

Sensor (optional)

A sensor to read and display outdoor temperature with auto- dimming capabilties.

Conformal Coated
Power Supply

A protective coating on the power supply shields it from condensation and breakdown, which increases the life of the power supplies by 25%.

Our Gallery

P30MM Tri Color Message Board 35.5" x 101.6"

P26MM Tri Color Message Board 40" x 91"

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