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LED Sign is the best advertising media on American roads.

High visibility outdoor LED display, super bright, large characters, designed specifically for exterior applications, available in single color red and multicolor LED. Graphix Signs offers a complete line of electronic signs, LED displays, electronic display boards, for indoor and outdoor applications.

How can LED signage help your business?

Outdoor digital signage can make a big difference to your bottom dollar by cutting through the crowd and capturing today's mobile customers;

Traditional media like print and broadcast are shrinking in influence, and rising in cost. Instead of paying over and over for an ad that might or might not be noticed or heard, you may want to consider the power of electronic message centers —an on-premise advertising solution that you pay for once, but lasts for years!


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Full Color LED signs are mostly used for Picture and Graphic advertisement. The 137 billion color choices give the pictures and graphics a realistic feel. Text messages are also an option in a Full Color LED sign. Monochrome LED signs are often enough for small businesses to get a leg up on the competition. But what if you want to blow the other guys out of the water? Full-color LEDs are the ticket, and here's why:

Full-color LEDs are capable of displaying full videos-because sometimes your message needs more than a couple words.
Full-color LEDs are simply the best, most proven way to reel in visitors and increase sales. They demand attention instead of just asking for it like other marketing mediums.


Graphix Signs Houston
Graphix Signs Houston

Full-Color, Full Attention

People are learning to tune out advertisements, but an incredible 63% of your customers notice LED signs-compared to the diminishing returns of billboards and pop-up ads. Good for your business, bad for your competitors who are only using the "tried-and-true" methods.

What should I know when considering an LED display? Like any technology, LED digital signage has its own special terminology, much of which is easily tossed around by manufacturers and salespeople.

All Aluminum Frame

LED signs contain a lot of sensitive components. But don't worry, we didn't skimp on the exterior. Our rock-solid aluminum frame doesn't rust, keeps the electronic bits safe and sound, and protects your investment for years and years to come.

Graphix Signs Houston

Weather Proof Line-X

Sometimes Mother Nature is out to get you, which is why Our LEDs are fully equipped with armor against the elements. Its Weather Proof Line-X stops rain and wind in its tracks, keeping your sign's interior nice and dry--and the exterior glowing bright.

Graphix Signs Houston

Superior Components

There's nothing "average" here. Our LEDs shine brighter and last longer. Its power supply is the best available, both energy-efficient and durable. Its solid state control system offers unparalleled stability and reliability. And, the cooling system lets them withstand even scorching summer heat.

Graphix Signs Houston

Module Based

Fun fact about modular design--it makes your sign insanely simple to use, maintain and repair. Other LED signs often look like a complete mess once you get under the hood, but not this one. Our modules are quick-release, weather-proof, and built to make your life easy.

Graphix Signs Houston

Detailed Product Description:

-Strong centralized control technology.
-Software enviroment
-Multimedia structure, screen directly controlled by the computer
-Brightness adjustment
-Support for multiple display mode
-Size and Style can be customized as customers requirements.

LED Products Advantages

Price: we have the best competitive price, also have the same even better quality.
Performance Advantage: Best Equality, high consistency, big viewing angle.
Quality: We control all steps, that's the guarantee of the quality.
Service: Better service at same situation, better cooperation at same service!

High Quality LEDs

Not all LED's are created equal. it may look the same from the outside, but it's what you can see inside that is most important. We use LED diodes that are 40% larger than you find in our competitors LED display. Why? 3 main reasons.

We can achieve maximum brightness by using 60% of the electrical current. All LEDs are designed to work at 20mA. Instead of maxing out the electrical current to achieve the brightness, we use a larger size chip at a lower electrical current and still achieve high brightness levels.

When LEDs are running at full capacity 24/7, it is susceptible to a higher failure rate. For the typical display after 1 year of use, the brightness will significantly degrade. Since we use large size LED chips, our display's only run at 40% - 50% of its capacity even in full brightness. Which means that the brightness of the LED screen wil degrade very slowly and remain stable.

Bigger size LED chip = Less power consumption. Instead of using 20mA per LEDs, we sue less than 12mA. Which means that our LED signs are much more efficient.

Graphix SignsGraphix SignsGraphix Signs
Graphix SignsGraphix SignsGraphix Signs
Graphix SignsGraphix SignsGraphix Signs
Graphix SignsGraphix SignsGraphix Signs

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